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“They come at you at five hundred miles per hour. That’s how it starts…”


Near the end of a long spring tourist season, an exhausted Jack Cort meets his next group for four jam-packed days in the Big Apple. Hoping this “combo” of visitors from Seattle and rural Georgia will be like any other, he watches with panic as the trip rapidly spins out of control.

From hostility in Little Italy and a miscommunication at Grand Central to a disturbing discovery in Times Square and physical blows in a downtown cemetery, Jack will come to learn that the baggage these people brought from home wasn’t limited to what they packed. 


From the award-winning author of Suspension, comes a wholly original comic novel. Join these 35 sightseers on the bustling sidewalks of New York City as they try their best to meet the challenge of our modern world—interacting constantly, and much too quickly, with people they only partially understand.



  There are a few options. 

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You can buy a personalized autographed copy of The Sightseers from this website. 


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Order all four 2021-22 books now. In thanks for your generous support, you will receive a signed copy of the 2021-22 books as soon as they become available as well as unique gifts customized for each book.


The Sightseers, for example, will come with visual aids to enhance your experience of the novel. This book about a tour will also come with a tour of the book. This will arrive in a sealed envelope (to be opened after you’ve turned the last page) and will include inspirations, behind-the-scenes factoids, NYC trivia, and the reveal of an Easter egg or two hidden throughout the novel.

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Sightseers Digital Cover.jpg

Suspension and The Sightseers are available wherever books are sold. 

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