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Recasting Charlie Bullington

Coming Spring 2025


Coming Spring 2025

A novel about a divided country and the needless pain that comes from a family's failure to connect. 


After the death of his wife, Charlie Bullington, retired Navy and Tea Party sympathizer, comes to live with one of his three sons: Kevin, the gay liberal one, who resides in New York and directs for the theater. Kevin is amazed at their utter inability to communicate or compromise over anything other than, strangely, the life of Civil War hero, David Glasgow Farragut.  


Kevin gratefully takes respite in the nineteenth century, removed as it seems from the polarized politics of the present, but the conflict and later disappearance of his father forces him to solve a mystery, an obsession that threatens both his sanity and the Broadway-bound play he has been hired to direct.  


Searching for clues in the lives of both Farragut and the sculptor who created the admiral’s monument in Madison Square, Kevin works toward a discovery about his father that forces him to rethink the story he has been living.



There are a couple of options.

Option 1:

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You can buy a personalized autographed copy of The Sightseers from this website. (This comes with a few gifts.)

Buy an Autographed Copy

Option 2:

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Sightseers Digital Cover.jpg

Suspension and The Sightseers are available wherever books are sold. 

An ebook of The Sightseers will also be coming this summer. Be sure to join the Storied City mailing list for news on publication dates, editions, video and audio tours, & upcoming events.

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