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Stories from a Storied City

Coming Spring 2026


Coming Spring 2026

From author and longtime guide Robert Westfield comes a few dozen of his favorite New York stories now drafted for the page and compiled for the first time.


Find out…


…why the United Nations felt the need to hide an elephant in a corner and surround it with shrubbery…


…how a pair of shiny boots saved West Point from Benedict Arnold…


…who in the world would play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors worth twenty million dollars...


…how a midtown office building punished an employee for taking a smoke break...


…and how a man carried off a multi-million-dollar heist with only dental floss and his own saliva.


There are a couple of options.

Option 1:

Sightseers Front.JPG

You can buy a personalized autographed copy of The Sightseers from this website. (This comes with a few gifts.)


Option 2:

Suspension Cover.jpg
Sightseers Digital Cover.jpg

Suspension and The Sightseers are available wherever books are sold. 

An ebook of The Sightseers will also be coming this summer. Be sure to join the Storied City mailing list for news on publication dates, editions, video and audio tours, & upcoming events.

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